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Winchester “Z” Long .22LR

-770fps -29Gr -Lead Round Nose Loaded with a reduced velocity 29gr solid projectile, the Zimmer cartridge is specially designed for 10 metre indoor target sh...



Winchester Subsonic .22LR

-1065fps -40Gr -HP Proudly made in Geelong Victoria and used by Australians for over two decades, this special purpose field cartridge uses a 40gr Power Poin...



Winchester Super Speed .22LR

-1265fps -40Gr -Copper Plated Solid Point Proudly made in Geelong Victoria, this high velocity general purpose hunting cartridge is loaded with a conventiona...



Winchester Power Point Max .22LR

-1320fps -42Gr -Copper plated HP Winchester 42 Max Rimfire ammunition features a unique 42 grain Power-Point truncated nose hollow point bullet perfect for s...



Winchester .22LR Power-Point

- 1280fps - 40Gr - Copper Plated HP Power-Point is the high velocity rimfire brand people trust for accuracy, lethality and proven performance - it is Austra...



CCI .22LR Standard Velocity

CCI standard velocity .22Lr 40Gr 1070FPS



BSA Storm .177 Pellets

Classic roundhead - The all-time classic pellet, time-proven and designed for all-round use. Ideal for spring-piston and precharged pneumatic airguns alike, thi...



BSA Red Star .177 Air Pellets

These mid-heavy weight, medium crowned, lead pellets are specifically designed to provide maximum impact at close range and greater accuracy at distance. Manufa...



BSA Elite .177 Air Pellets

BSA Elite are high-crowned domehead pellets. These offer the ultimate extreme-range performance from BSA. This medium weight, highly aerodynamic pellet represen...



BSA Blue Star .22 Air Pellets

- BSA's latest heavy weight pellets are aerodynamically designed to optimise accuracy and improve energy transfer at longer distances - The tested combination ...

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